Dear blog/diary…

Dear blog/diary, 

You know that feeling on your birthday when you just sit there and everyone sings happy birthday, and you contemplate whether you should just sit there stupidly or sing along and sound conceded? Yea, I hate that. And that’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend. 

 Ever since the beginning, I’ve always found that super awkward! I really don’t know why. Guess I’m just weird that way. So basically, all you do is sit there and listen to them sing happy birthday, and sometimes I get all blushy, then my mom points it out and I blush even more. That once even happened with my crush there. Thanks, Mom!!! 

But that’s not the worst part of birthdays,

then 99.9% of the time, you end up getting board games. Or socks. So you have to be all, “Oh! I looove it. Thank you so much!” Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate the gesture, but really? I sort of don’t want ancient board games and socks. Get me a…. I don’t know! A picture frame! A poster! Whatever. Even a book! Maybe drawing sets! Those would be really nice.

Then after the party you sit on your couch and have nothing to look forward to for like, months (unless your birthday’s near Halloween, Thanksgiving, whatever, then in that case I am super jealous).

Also, what makes this ten times more stress-full crazy, is that a girl from my old school is coming. Which to some people, is no biggy, for me, it really is. I don’t know how to explain it other than I guess I want them to see that I’m super fricken awesome and stuff. Shoosh yeah! So, I’m going to have to act normal can you believe it?

I can’t.

So now I gotta show them I am still awesome, but ten times more than I was before.

This will be interesting.

Time to think about what I’m going to wear,



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